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Our nonfiction ghostwriting services require both technical and artistic skills to create a compelling read that exudes confidence and clarity. With our team of expert nonfiction writers, you can transform your book idea into a bestseller. Our creative writers will research and expand your plot, draft an outline, write chapters, complete your manuscript, revise and edit your draft, and finalize it into a published book.

We take pride in providing top-quality nonfiction ghostwriting services that convey your compelling story with professionalism and relatability. Our award-winning native writers have over 15 years of experience in ghostwriting services, ensuring complete ownership of all rights and royalties for your published book. Let us help you achieve your writing goals with our expertise in each genre.

Children Book Writing

If you're looking to hire a professional ghostwriter for your children's book, look no further than Amazon Premium Publisher. We offer a range of services including concept development, outlining, writing, editing, publishing, and marketing. We understand that success in the children's book market requires the expertise of a skilled ghostwriter. It's especially important to ensure that there are no spelling errors in books intended for the US market, so we take care to ensure that everything is grammatically correct. As ghostwriters for children's books published online, we understand the importance of exercising caution and ensuring that every book is of the highest quality.

Memoir Writing

While it is true that personal experience can provide material for memoir writing, many writers overlook the importance of a compelling plot. Merely documenting a series of events is not enough; a memoir must engage and connect with readers. The best memoirs offer a combination of entertainment, education, and cultural exploration. By crafting a well-written and well-packaged memoir, you can share this gift with your readers.

Autobiography Writing

Autobiographies and memoirs are two similar yet distinct genres of non-fiction writing. While both offer a personal account of the author's life, autobiographies are typically more comprehensive and cover the author's entire life, while memoirs may focus on a particular period or theme. Regardless of which genre you choose, the most important factor is that your story is compelling and authentic. The goal is not to recount every single detail, but to capture the essence of your experiences and convey your unique perspective to readers. With the help of a skilled ghostwriter, you can craft a memorable and impactful autobiography or memoir that resonates with readers.

Script Writing

Our expert ghostwriters are committed to providing top-quality content for all types of projects, be it promotional videos, informative articles, or entertaining clips. Our goal is to create a script that effectively communicates your message to your target audience. For a decade, we have been delivering scriptwriting services to a diverse range of clients. Our scripts cater to a variety of requirements, from short snippets to YouTube videos. We serve companies in need of scripts for marketing and promotion, digital advertising, educational materials, introduction videos, and entertainment, among others.

Song Writing

If you're searching for personalized songwriting services in the USA, you've come to the right place. At Amazon Premium Publishers, we provide unique songwriting services for individuals seeking a distinctive experience. Our songwriting company focuses on partnering with recording artists and ghostwriters in the music industry to create effective and engaging songs. We use the most effective language to produce songs that will resonate with your target audience. Additionally, we can include a message that appeals to your audience to create a memorable experience. Our song ghostwriters for hire can also assist with brand promotion by ensuring that your brand is properly advertised.

Business Book Writing

If you're facing a busy schedule or an overwhelmed team, hiring a full-time writing and editing staff may not be feasible. As Bill Gates famously said in 1996, "Content is king," and this statement still holds true today. In order to succeed online, it's crucial to use the right words to engage with your customers, whether it's through attention-grabbing landing pages, social media posts, or online courses. While quality may be important, content is the reigning king of the internet, especially in 2023. Your words must align with your audience and your business objectives; you can't simply write anything and hope for success.

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Writing non-fiction requires more than just pen and paper, but we have all the resources to help you succeed.

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