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Are you harboring an untold story deep within your heart? Do you long to recount your tale of survival against all odds or share the memories that shaped your legacy and delivered a message? At Ghostwriting Founder, we can help you pen down your story, or that of a loved one, to preserve it for your family, friends, and future generations.

If you're not quite sure what memoir writing entails, it is the art of telling a story about a significant event in the author's life from their perspective. We believe that every life story is valuable, and those with particularly fascinating experiences are especially deserving of sharing. Our team of skilled memoir writers at Ghostwriting Founder specializes in crafting compelling memoirs. We select our writers based on their background in writing memoirs and offer a variety of writing styles to suit your unique needs. Whether you're looking for a Personal Event Memoir, Spiritual Searching Memoir, Travel or Adventure Memoir, Novel-Like Memoir, or Celebrity Memoir, we have you covered.
Our memoir writers possess technical expertise and storytelling skills that can bring your tale to life. They have the necessary resources to construct an ideal memoir while remaining faithful to your original narrative. Memoir writing is a specialized area that requires a wealth of knowledge, but our team of renowned memoir writers is up to the task.
Our customers hire memoir writers for various reasons, from leaving a written record for future generations to recovering from traumatic experiences. Whatever your motivation, we understand that communication is key to healing, and we can help you share your story with others who may have experienced something similar.
If you're reading this page, you've likely decided to hire a ghostwriter to write your memoir or autobiography. Amazon Premium Publisher, our memoir writers can help you tell your story in a captivating way that leaves a lasting impact on readers worldwide. Trust us to bring your story to life, even if you feel you have little control over the material.

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Memoir Writing

Are you struggling to begin your memoir or overcome writer's block? Let Amazon Premium Publisher's team of experienced memoir writers help you. Share your story with our memoir ghostwriters and they will craft it into an inspiring book, using your voice as the narration and family heirlooms as illustrations. Our memoir writers not only ensure your story is told in the right format, but also add the extra sparkle needed to make it stand out from the rest. Hire a memoir writer from our company to write your personal memoir with confidence.

Memoir Editing

Once you have completed your memoir writing, we offer revision services to help you review your book, identify potential issues, and improve your output. Our editing services can help you enhance your vocabulary, fix plot holes, ensure consistency in tone and topic, and maintain an effective organization. We also strive to eliminate jargon and repetition, improve the flow of your writing, and correct any typos or errors. In addition to our memoir writing services, we also offer revision services where your completed draft is thoroughly reviewed, proofread, and edited by our team of editors.

Memoir Publishing

At our publishing house, we specialize in helping authors self-publish their memoirs with ease. We understand that every author has unique requirements, and therefore, we offer customized services to cater to their needs. With our extensive knowledge of the publishing industry, we can guide you in producing a high-quality and outstanding memoir. From custom cover designs to printing your book in various sizes, we can provide you with a comprehensive publishing package. We can even integrate your personal images to bring your memoir to life.

Memoir Formatting

Formatting an entire memoir can be time-consuming, which is why many people choose to hire our services. Our clients include top CEOs, businesspeople, politicians, explorers, and everyday individuals with inspiring stories. We understand the value of legacy books, which can be cherished by future generations. Our team works closely with writers to provide professional editing, writing, formatting, layout, and cover design services to help bring their memoirs to life. We offer distribution of each book in our memoirs and legacy series through Ingram, with options for hardcover, softcover, and eBook formats.

Memoir Printing

With our traditional printing techniques and advanced ordering system, you have the opportunity to create personalized memoir volumes that reflect your unique story. Collect your cherished memories, life experiences, and significant events, and let our printing specialists guide you through the process of preparing your book for publication. We offer a range of visually stunning photo book styles for memoirs, as well as affordable paperback and hardcover options for biographies. Whether you plan to sell your memoir in stores or share it with your family and friends, Amazon Premium Publisher has the tools to help you achieve your printing goals.

Memoir Promotion & Memoir Marketing

Writing and publishing a memoir requires significant effort, but the work does not end there. Many authors make the mistake of thinking that their job is complete after publishing, only to discover that marketing is crucial to attracting readers. Merely listing a book on Amazon is unlikely to attract readers. At Amazon Premium Publisher, we develop a deliberate marketing strategy that caters to both potential and existing clients. To attract new clients and build stronger relationships with existing ones, we create a sales funnel that provides valuable content to our clients. A well-designed sales funnel can convert casual observers into significant clients over time. We strive to ensure that your marketing budget is used efficiently and effectively.

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Preserve your memories by transforming them into memoirs through our professional memoir writing services.

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