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At Amazon Premium Publisher, we understand that publishing your first book is a dream come true for every author. Our team of experts is here to help you at every stage of the process, from concept generation to writing and editing to publication. Whether you have a rough idea, an outline, or a manuscript almost ready for publication, our ghostwriters can collaborate with you to bring your vision to life. In today's publishing industry, it's no secret that few non-fiction books are genuinely "authored" by writers, and even fictional works are frequently authored by ghosts. This is where ghostwriters come in handy. Many people have the expertise and ideas but lack the time or motivation to write. Ghostwriters are here to help facilitate your journey, so you can focus on being the expert while we take care of the writing process.

If you have a potential book idea that can be reshaped into a bestseller, let us know, and our creative writers will do the rest. We'll research and expand on your plot, draft an outline, write chapters, revise and edit your draft, and finalize it into a published book.

Our native and award-winning ghostwriters specialize in every genre, and our 15+ years of experience in ghostwriting services speak for themselves. We guarantee complete ownership of all rights and royalties to ensure that you receive the recognition and financial compensation you deserve for your hard work and dedication.

Self Help Books

Embarking on the journey of self-publishing can be daunting, especially if you're doing it alone. With the assistance of our skilled ghostwriters, you can confidently begin writing your book without fear. Our ghostwriters are experienced and capable of handling any task required for book writing. They have a proven track record of not only creating high-quality content but also facilitating the publication of self-help books on Amazon. Communication with our ghostwriters is seamless, and the process of working with them is straightforward. You will have ample time to review their work, suggest revisions, and provide feedback.

Autobiography & Memoir

Autobiographies and memoirs are both non-fiction accounts of a person's life, but they differ in terms of scope and structure. Autobiographies are generally seen as more comprehensive, aiming to cover a person's life from start to finish, while memoirs may focus on a specific period or event. However, what matters most is the quality of the story and how well it represents the author's life. It is not necessary to include every detail or follow a specific format, as long as the story is compelling and authentic. As writers, our goal is to craft a narrative that resonates with readers and accurately reflects our own experiences.

Fiction Books

Skilled ghostwriters have a talent for creating compelling characters that capture the imagination. Iconic characters such as James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, and Hermione Granger don't simply spring to life on the page; they are meticulously crafted with charisma, wit, flair, humor, and other qualities. They are the result of careful research and development. Your ghostwriter for fiction can help you shape your characters so that they fulfill your vision: whether that is to overcome challenges or to be flawed. Memorable characters stick in readers' minds much longer than the plot itself because they are believable, whether they are heroes or villains. Our experienced team will ensure consistency in tone and subject matter, as reader confusion is something authors want to avoid, and clear, fluid writing can prevent it.

Horror Books

As a leading horror story writing company in the USA, we understand that a successful horror narrative hinges on the ability of the writer to create a sense of dread. We specialize in creating terrifying characters and have invested considerable effort in developing a gripping and spine-chilling plot that is sure to leave a lasting impact on readers. Our writers approach the task of crafting a horror story with a focus on evoking a strong sense of fear and terror. This requires the development of horrifying characters and scenarios that leave readers feeling deeply unnerved. The ultimate goal is to immerse readers in the enigma of the horror story, leaving them to unravel the mysteries within.

Mystery Books

Our writers understand the importance of incorporating paranormal elements in their fictional novels to leave a lasting impression on readers' minds. This characteristic is essential in raising the bar for mystery books, especially when combined with a haunting and eerie tone. As part of our horror writing firm in the USA, our writers excel at crafting chilling plots that keep readers on edge. Many of our book stories feature multiple crises involving violence and mysterious deaths, which elicit thrilling responses from readers. Our mystery writers are skilled at weaving together intricate plots, intriguing characters, and unexpected twists that captivate a wide audience of readers and leave a lasting, electrifying impression.

Historical Books

The genre of historical fiction is unique, with its own intricacies, challenges, and potential rewards. Given the daunting task of researching the past, historians require expert assistance from editors who are well-versed in their field.

When writing a historical novel, attention to detail is crucial, as the accuracy of historical facts is paramount. This requires a substantial investment of time, effort, and perhaps even money. Furthermore, achieving the appropriate tone and voice in historical fiction is a delicate process that can either seamlessly integrate into the narrative or jolt readers out of the story.

Fantasy Books

We take pride in our team of writers who have extensive expertise in crafting captivating tales featuring mermaids. Our fiction writers possess the skill to create spellbinding fantasy stories that can transport readers to a world of imagination. With a remarkable flair for creativity, our writers can induce fear and suspense in readers' minds with their thrilling fantasy novels. We are so confident in our writers' abilities that their novels can even inspire a newfound appreciation for one's surroundings. Such is the impact of their work in our fantasy story writing company in the USA.

Children's Books

If you're considering hiring a professional ghostwriter to assist you in writing children's books, Amazon Premium Publisher is the perfect choice. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including conceptualizing, outlining, writing, editing, publishing, and even marketing. Our team of experts understands that success in children's book publishing requires the assistance of a skilled ghostwriter. Accuracy and error-free writing are critical when creating children's books for the US market, and our ghostwriters ensure that every sentence is grammatically correct. Working on children's books published online requires a great deal of care, and our ghostwriters understand this important responsibility.

Business Books

If you are stretched thin, your team is overwhelmed, and hiring a full-time writing and editing staff is too expensive, we can help. As Bill Gates noted in 1996, content is king, and this remains true today. Gates recognized that the internet is "critical to every part of our business" and to succeed online, you need to use the right words to connect with your customers, be it through compelling landing pages, social media posts, or online courses. In 2023, content continues to reign as king, especially when it comes to quality. Your words need to resonate with your audience and align with your business goals; you cannot simply write anything and hope for the best.

Journals & Guides

It is prudent and crucial to take various measures into consideration before making any decision. One useful resource to aid in this process is a dedicated journal insight section that provides valuable information about each journal on its homepage.

Do you have a great idea to share with the world but lack the language skills to articulate it effectively? Do you believe that your journals could be popular but are uncertain about your writing abilities? Have you ever wanted to write something but didn't know where to begin? For all of your journal and book writing needs, Amazon Premium Publishers has the solution. Our team will start fresh with your project, aiming to create an original manuscript and transform it into an exceptional how-to guide. We offer the services of skilled American writers who specialize in serving a variety of industries.

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