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Perhaps some of your readers are also listeners. Increase your audience and reach by using expert audiobook narration services.

As the book market continues to evolve, self-published authors can increase their audience and reach by utilizing expert audiobook narration services. With the introduction of audiobooks, readers and authors now have a distinct way to consume and produce books. The audiobook market is substantial and keeps expanding every year, thanks to popular platforms like Audible. By creating an audiobook version of their book, authors can open up a new sales channel and reach a new audience. Audiobooks are convenient since people can listen to them while going about their daily lives, unlike hard copies or ebooks. To maximize the potential of your writing, consider creating an audiobook alongside your print book.
If you have a compelling story that you've published online, make it easily accessible to your audience through Amazon's self-publishing audiobooks. We offer professional narrators for each genre, recording, and post-production services, and ready-to-upload audiobook formats that align with publishing standards. Our team also provides an effective launch plan and distribution strategy to help you get your audiobook in front of the right audience.

  • Professional Narrators For Each Genre
  • Recording & Post-Production
  • Ready-To-Upload Audiobook Formats Aligned With The Publishing Standards
  • Effective Launch Plan & Distribution

Professional Narrators

At Amazon Premium Publisher, we only work with pre-vetted, experienced professional narrators with a proven track record in long-form narration. You won't need to sift through countless amateur demos. Our talented and professional team is made up of renowned audiobook narrators who have published numerous books in well-known media outlets. Our audiobook performers take pride in their craft and continuously improve over time. Choosing the perfect voice talent to captivate your audience is made easy here. Our audiobook narrators are from verified home recording studios, and each has been thoroughly screened and authorized as a professional. With the help of our in-house sound professionals, every narrator delivers the best performance and highest quality possible while staying within your budget.

Types of Narration

Our audiobook narrators ensure consistency by regularly reviewing their previous narrations to maintain the same pronunciations, narration style, and dialogue delivery. If you have a great idea for an audiobook but need help bringing it to life, our experienced narrators can help at an affordable cost. Our team of narrators is skilled in various styles of narration, including Gilbert, Duet, Multicast, and Full-cast, to match the needs of your manuscript.

Broadcast-Quality Voice Recordings

Our voice actors have the ability to produce flawless audio independently. Receive customized auditions for your script, allowing you to hear the voice and delivery of each narrator before making a selection. Our highly talented audiobook narrators understand every essential element that contributes to the best audiobook narration and incorporate it into their work. They excel at maintaining consistency in both solo-voice narration and multi-voice narration. Their expertise lies in utilizing their professional narrating abilities to leave a lasting impact on the listener. We consistently review our previous audios to maintain the quality and ensure accuracy and consistency.

Narration Services for Authors & Individuals

Don't limit your book's audience to just readers when audiobooks can reach a larger audience. By offering your content in audio format, you can increase your ranking among authors and captivate a wider audience. Our team of expert narrators has the ideal voice and tone to breathe life into your book and expand your readership. With the power of audiobooks, you can enhance your reach and influence and achieve greater success and exposure for future projects. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make your book accessible to a wider audience.

Narration Services for Business

While a published book is a great way to communicate with your audience, it's time to expand your options by creating an audiobook. Want to share information about your business or product with your audience through engaging content? You've come to the right place. With the power of voice, our expert narrators can help grab your audience's attention. Expand your reach and create new revenue streams by entering the audiobook market today. Worried that your book won't make it? Our audiobook services can act as a stepping stone on your journey. Whether it's self-help, business, finance, health, or something else, we have your back. Tap into a new demographic and level up your business now!

Narration Services for Personal Brand

Expanding your personal brand's reach requires reaching every possible reader, and there's a new way to do that: audiobooks. Don't limit your book to physical or digital copies anymore. Instead, allow our audiobook narration services to bring your book to life in the ears of your readers. Our team of carefully selected narrators can handle new or existing content, and they're experts in engaging a broader audience. By using our audiobook services, you can boost your engagement, generate more leads, and increase sales, which ultimately leads to more success in your journey. Whether your book is about self-help, business, finance, health, or any other topic, we've got your back. Don't miss out on the opportunity to tap into a new demographic and elevate your personal brand right away!

Audiobook publishing

After the recording is completed, you will have the chance to listen to the audiobook yourself. If any additional recordings are required, we will schedule them and remaster the audio as necessary. Our team will manage the publishing process for your audiobook, ensuring it is available on over 50 platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Apple Books, Audible, and Amazon. For authors who have already created an audiobook version of their work and have audiobook files that meet the publication standards, we will ensure that correctness and consistency are maintained across all platforms after the upload is complete.

Excellent Customer Support

At our company, we focus on providing you with a stress-free experience by taking on one project at a time to ensure your success. If you require assistance, simply contact us, and we will make every effort to ensure your satisfaction. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we are dedicated to delivering high-quality recordings quickly and affordably. Our exceptional service has earned us a Trustpilot rating of 4.9 and a Clutch rating of 4.9, and our employees love working with us, so you can expect superior service from start to finish.

A Voice That Inspires

Assist your audience in visualizing your narrative more effectively by utilizing our audiobook narration solutions

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